Spindown Man Page

SPINDOWN(1)							   SPINDOWN(1)

     spindown -- SCSI/firewire harddrive spindown daemon

     spindown [-Db] [-p pidfile] [-d device] [-t seconds] [-i seconds]

     The spindown daemon automatically spins down firewire / SCSI drives that
     have been idle for a specified amount of time. Each drive can be assigned
     a maximum idle time independently.

     The following options are available:

     -D      runs spindown in debug mode, preventing it from daemonizing

     -b      makes spindown run in the background

     -p      pidfile

     -d      a device to be monitored (multiple devices may be specified) The
	     idle time at which the drive will spin down is the time specified
	     by the last -t parameter before this -d option. This way idle
	     times can be set independently for each device.

     -t      idle time at which a device will spin down (defaults to 600 sec-
	     onds) this option can be specified more than one. -d options
	     specified will use the last -t option encountered before the -d
	     option itself.

     -i      check interval. This is the interval between device activity
	     checks (defaults to 60 seconds)

     Monitor devices da0 and da1 and spin down the devices after 5 and 10 min-
     utes respectively, with a check interval of five minutes.

	   spindown -b -i 300 -t 300 -d da0 -t 600 -d da1

     camcontrol(8), firewire(4)

     The spindown utility was originally written by Arjan van der Velde
     <noresult (at) noresult.net>.

This program can be obtained through the FreeBSD ports system